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I believe that there is one "Originator" or "Creator" by which I call God, for no other reason than it's the only name I know; and this God gives his people many prophets through which to worship him. He's alive, he has different names, he loves all people, he's not prejudice.
Faith is like flowers, some grow large, some grow small, some grow in the desert, some in forests, some on mountains, and some grow underwater, but they all grow and they all bloom; who are we to say which is the "best" one. What I believe and what you believe may be said differently, and we may worship a God of different names, but it's all good. This infinite power is so awesome, that I'm not sure if we have a right to judge how others worship, or deny what others call this God. The audacity of man! God is too big for me to figure out. I don't even try, how dare I even try. I'm just a breath away from death.
What I do know is that Religion is man trying to explain the Creator with a worldly mind. I would rather have Revelation of God than religion. The revealing of who God is on a personal level is far greater than the rules of man-made religion. Tap into spirituality, it's out of this world....
I am very aware of the "my way or the highway" message that is written in the Bible. I am also aware that the Bible says that not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the gates of heaven. Thirty years ago, I accepted Christ as my personal savior, and it changed my life. If I was sitting on a bus next to a crying woman, I'd talk to her, and if led, I would tell her about God's love and how he sent his Son to die for us, because that's what I know worked for me. I have read the Bible, studied the Bible, taught the Bible, and love the Bible; it was my spiritual roots and it gave me my spiritual foundation; but I also know that the Bible was inspired by God, but written by imperfect man.  Nature was inspired, written and designed by a perfect God and man cannot add to it or take away from it; it's wisdom is undebateable.  God speaks through his Creation; the Earth Speaks.
My entire purpose in life is based off of Romans 1:20 and Psalms 19:1-4. It is only my responsibility to "show" nature, and then let nature run it's course; God will do the rest. Some are called to preach the Gospel, some are called to sing, some are called to be astronauts, others nurses, teachers, and homemakers, I am called to show people that the Earth Speaks. I am a true advocate for religious tolerance.  If your spirituality brings love, fulfillment of purpose, and creates seed that will leave a positive legacy, then it's all good. Your personal relationship with God is between you and your Creator. It is not my place to judge, but only to show people that God will speak to everyone through his creation.
“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments - there are consequences.” ~Robert Green Ingersoll
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Consider these three scenarios:
In the first, I took a trip to Arizona, and during my travels on Mingus Mountain, I began to drive up Cleopatra Hill, a narrow, winding, cliff-lined road that elevates to 7,726 feet and leads into the small, historic copper-town of Jerome. While traveling at 5 mph in my car, I  drove slowly and carefully around and around and around the dangerous mountain road.  As I began my winding desent, I was nervous about the cars coming towards me that were going up the mountainin, and then I noticed something.  Some people were traveling in cars up the steep incline; others were traveling by bus; one man was riding his motorcycle; and still others were hiking by foot. There were also helicopters ahead; and even hot air baloons in the distance. A thought suddenly came to me and I realized that although everyone was traveling by different means; each person was traveling on a dangerous road, each traveling upward to a higher elevation, and all headed to the same final destination, but we just all got there by different ways.  Depending on how careful we are traveling on the ground will ultimately determine whether we live or die.
In the second scenario, there were five people stranded on a desert island; and there was only one tree bearing fruit that was available for food on the entire island. Let's call it the tree of life. On this tree, all different types of fruit were growing off its branches. The first person, a Christian, picked a banana; would they live? The answer is Yes. The second person, a Muslim, ate a peach from that same tree; would they live? The answer is Yes. The third person was a Jehovah’s Witness and they picked and ate a pomegranate; would they live? Yes. The fourth person was Jewish, and they ate an orange; would they live? Of course they would. And finally, the fifth person, an American Indian, ate a kiwi fruit; and yes, they lived also. It didn't matter who they were or what fruit they chose to eat, they would all live. Only those who did not eat from the tree would eventually die.
And for the last scenario, let’s focus on animals for a moment. The number of animal species in the world is estimated to range from 1.5 million on the planet to more than a tenth of a billion in the oceans of the world, although taxonomists and biologists disagree on how many animals exist. Since animals not only include cows, dogs, and birds, but also worms, spiders, and fish, most studies claim that it is virtually impossible to count the number of animals, or animal species. It's also estimated that there are two million to as many as 50 million more species that have either not been found yet, or have been incorrectly classified. It's amazing to think that there are millions of different animal species on the planet and each species has its own specific purpose; and if for nothing else, they are a part of the food chain. Animals live anywhere from the high canopies of the steamy rainforest, to deep under the sand at the bottom of the sea, to the top of the frigid ice lands at the North Pole, and each is important in it's own way, whether an ant or a zebra. Is one more supreme than the other?
Every element in the natural world was created to serve in a specific capacity, and to work together in unity and harmony for the greater good of all mankind, whether it’s an animal, human, coral reef or a cloud; and each has been created by God.
The Kitcher-Diagram of names of God displays hundreds of names for God.  Does the name that a person calls God determine whether they are a spiritual or Godly person? Would the American Indian mentioned above die because the fruit that he ate from the tree was a kiwi instead of a banana? Would I be the only one who would be able to reach the mountaintop in Arizona simply because I was driving an American made car? Does the Jewish man who took care of his elderly neighbor every weekend for twenty years, go straight to hell while the Christian couple faithfully went to their Church, every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, yet they overlook the lady with a flat tire on the way home?
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"To find wisdom and strength to handle life's insanity; look down to earth, where you'll find wisdom for all of humanity." ~J. Taylor
You don't have to have a green thumb to grow!YOU DON'T NEED A GREEN THUMB TO LEARN FROM GOD'S GREEN EARTH!!
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