The Nature and Spirituality Network:  The Earth Speaks! - DOWN TO EARTH IS CLIMBING HIGHER
Joanne Taylor in Longwood Gardens
“Come forth into the light of things; let Nature be your teacher.”
~William Wordsworth
"I love to think of nature as an unlimited
broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in."
~George Washington Carver
"Reading about nature is fine,
but if a person walks in the
woods and listens carefully, he
can learn more than what is in
books, for they speak with the
voice of God." 
~George Washington Carver
The Earth is a living and breathing masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind work of art whose rivers and streams flow as the blood of our green planet. The wind is the breath of the Earth, and the trees and rainforest are the lungs that keep our green planet alive. The Earth is alive; and the Earth speaks!
Nature is spiritual because it speaks a motivational and inspirational message in a universal language that everyone can understand, no matter what part of the globe you live on, or what religion, nationality, political persuasion, age, profession, or income.  These lessons are also spiritual because no man has the ability to control, manipulate, or mis-represent nature.  Our green planet holds the answers to life; and it's all about growth. The Earth Speaks!
There are motivational lessons planted in nature that we don't recognize that can teach us to live, to grow, and be wise. Spiritual life lessons can be found in a garden, flower, a seed, weeds, roots, a gemstone mine, a rock, storms, seasons, valleys, on top of a mountain, and even beyond the Earth past the Milky Way.
It was in the garden where I discovered that nature provides us with visible, tangible, and motivational messages of hope, help, and inspiration. Tilling the soil is like talking to God. Have you ever walked down a city sidewalk and noticed a flower growing in the middle of the concrete or a green plant growing out of a brick wall?  It signifies that we too can grow, thrive, and bloom wherever we're planted.  We can even bloom between a rock and a hard place! 
Bloom where you're plantedBloom where you're plantedBloom where you're planted
The Forces of NatureRecent hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, as well as, environmental concerns such as the threat of global warming, have become an inescapable part of our daily news. While scientists focus on the How’s in regards to such natural occurrences, people of faith contemplate the Why’s.  I have found that there is something just as important as the Why’s and the How’s of Creation. I have discovered that there are lessons within nature that we don’t realize that can teach us how to live, grow, and survive.
Nature speaks in Green acornsDid you know an oak tree doesn't produce acorns until it's at least 50 years old?  That means no matter how old you are; it's never too late to bloom.
My hope is that you will find the motivation and inspiration to reach down to earth and grow wonderful gardens that will breathe life back into the earth, but more importantly, back into you.  To find wisdom and strength to handle life's insanity; look down to earth, where you'll find wisdom for all of humanity. Plant a seed, take a walk in the woods, plant a garden, take a swim in the ocean, go snorkeling, climb a mountain; then, stop, look, and listen; the Earth speaks!
Allow me to motivate you to bloom where you're planted, weather the storms of life, appreciate rainy days, search for rainbows, become a precious gem, enjoy the seasons of life, travel through valleys, and climb mountains in order to reach higher heights.
You don't have to have a green thumb to grow!YOU DON'T NEED A GREEN THUMB TO LEARN FROM GOD'S GREEN EARTH!!
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